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BernAqua is positioned as one of the leading suppliers of hatchery and nursery feeds for fish and shrimp. With over 20 years of experience in the aquaculture industry, BernAqua is an expert of advanced nutrition and environmental solutions for the first stages of life of fish and shrimp. The company’s pillars are innovation, cooperation, performance and sustainability which, combined together, help us to achieve the best results.

We apply the latest advances in nutritional science into our manufacturing processes and products.

We are also environmentally responsible and devoted to preserving the natural beauty and health of our industry.

High quality

  • Approved and registered as an official feed producer
  • International certifications
  • 20 years of experience
  • Competitive quality and prices

Research & Development

  • 11 Applied Research Centers around the world
  • Part of ADM animal nutrition, a major global player of animal nutrition & health

Committed people

  • More than 100 engaged professionals in aquaculture
  • Best advisory and novelty in technology
  • Success of our clients as our biggest priority

Research & Innovation

Since 2018, BernAqua has become part of ADM, international specialist in animal nutrition and health with a particular focus on research and innovation
This new structure guarantees BernAqua a long-term development, dynamic innovation research as well as a continuous field evaluation with a unique product portfolio. ADM wants to be positioned among the most innovative companies in the field of animal nutrition and health, so the Group has chosen to place innovation at the heart of its strategy. Adaptability, flexibility and responsiveness are therefore the main pillars of our innovative approach.

The innovation centre built in Brittany (France) has changed the way ADM carries out its work. Many partnerships with research institutes, universities and suppliers have been signed. The synergistic approach involving various departments will allow ADM experts to work together under a common objective.

Biosipec-Innovative & Intensive shrimp farming for Nursery stage

BIOSIPEC is a high-tech, safe and sustainable shrimp farming model for Nursery stage developed by ADM since 2017 with a showroom in Vietnam. BernAqua strongly participated to the development of this project providing protocols for feeding and water quality management. Our nursery feed products range as MeM and WeaN and or probiotics Bactosafe are perfectly adapted to the biosipec system. Contact our experts for more information.

Focus on aqua innovations

Early stage aqua feed is a priority, but it requires a real expertise and a thorough work with a true attention to detail. BernAqua has this unique technical know-how at the pre-larvae stage in terms of the nutritional inputs. Therefore the company is investing a lot in this area with many leadership positions in the key markets of Brazil, Mexico and Vietnam.

BernAqua’s R&D initiatives for a premium feed

BernAqua is actively contributing to the R&D initiatives in the aquaculture sector. ADM Brasil and BernAqua are working together to offer to their customers new nutritional alternatives and break some feeding paradigms. Some tests were run on the commercial premium feed from BernAqua (MeM Prime) in one of the tilapia commercial hatcheries located in Paulo Alfonso, Brazil, which produces 3 Million/fry/month. The tests demonstrated that using MeM Prime can increase weight gain (gr/day) by 50% in average, reduce feed used for each Kg of fish produced and significantly decrease mortality rates (from 37% to 23%).

Production Technologies

As a larval feed producer, BernAqua uses high quality marine proteins. Our aim is to develop and constantly optimize feeds of high nutritional and technological quality. The production technologies (e.g. agglomeration and cold extrusion) are developed to minimize denaturation and ensure the availability of those essential proteins in the feed.

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