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The Company is a distributor of Golden West Artemia, BernAqua, Hikari, Eheim products and has distributed them throughout the archipelago.

Leading in Providing Artemia

Starting the business in 1989 under the name “PT Indo Mulia Mitrajaya”, “PT Golden Westindo Artajaya Tbk” is currently one of the largest artemia (brine shrimp egg) distributors in Indonesia. Our main brand for artemia is Golden West Artemia. The 35 years of long-standing experiences have made the Company leading in terms of high product quality and reliable technical services to the customers.

We have expanded our businesses throughout our journey in the aquatic and marine industry. In 1992 we started our partnership with BernAqua, a brand from Belgium, to enter the hatchery feed for shrimp which the Company is trusted as BernAqua products distributor in Indonesia.

In 2016, the Company made partnership with a Japanese brand, Hikari, a line of specialty fish food manufactured by Kyorin Food Industries. To enhance this partnership, we formed a joint venture with Kyorin Co. Ltd. in 2020.

With its strong reputation working with international brands, the Company managed to again partner with Eheim, a brand from Germany. The Company is the Eheim distributor for aquarium and equipment, both for homes and ponds. Eheim is very strong in products of aquariums, filters, pumps, as well as aquarium accessories.

Water life has very significant roles to the ecological balance of the earth. The Company has the commitment to always doing business with high responsibility of only providing responsible products. We will only markets products with perseverance to the environment.

Our Timeline


In 1992, the Company focused on Artemia (brine shrimp eggs) from Salt Lake City, USA. We later developed our business in the shrimp hatchery sector with partnership with BernAqua brand from Belgium.


In 1994, PT Golden Westindo Artajaya was founded, from previously operating under PT Indo Mulia Mitrajaya which was established in 1989. Initially, PT Golden Westindo Artajaya focused on shrimp ponds in West Java and represented feed for shrimp ponds from Uni-President, Taiwan.


In 2016 the Company became Hikari a Hikari distributor for ornamental fish. This well-known brand from Japan has a complete market coverages including professional, premium, and economy foods for koi fish, goldfish, tropical fish, etc.


In 2023 the Company became Eheim, a German brand distributor for aquarium equipment. Eheim is the best brand in providing aquarium needs for homes and ponds, including aquariums, filters, filter media, pumps, and aquarium accessories.


“Become the largest provider
of artemia and fish feed in Indonesia which also has high competitiveness
in the international market”


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Always provide artemia (brine shrimp egg) and fish feed of the best quality at affordable price as well as environmentally friendly, to our customers.
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Actively pursue business growth by capturing various domestic and international market opportunities.
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Become a business and financially sound company with policies emphasizing the principle of prudence.
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Continuously strive to create new added values for the Company by applying the principle of learning organization that is adaptive, creative, and innovative.

Corporate Values

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Stakeholder Services

Providing services to stakeholders through the best efforts, including to the employees, suppliers, creditors, customers, shareholders, regulators, society, and the environment.
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Synergistic Teamwork

Ensuring the Company becomes an operationally and financially healthy organization through the team which is synergized each other and highly caring for the organization.
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Continuous Improvement

Always put emphasis on the efforts to make continuous improvements in various aspects of the Company’s activities in order to ensure the sustainability of the business.
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Uphold Integrity

Integrity and honesty are always laid as the main foundation for Company’s personnel to carry out the duties and authority within the organization.
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Feed Packed with Nutritious, Ingredients, Vitamins and Supplement to Help.

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We have been in the industry for over 30 years without any single quality issues.

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We ensure fast delivery anytime our customer's need.

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A complete product range to meet all customer's requirement.

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Our technical staff is always ready to help.
We specialize in premium Aquaculture, Aquatic & Equipment Product
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